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Guitar Tone?

I want a good metal tone on my amp. I have a Bugera 6262 and I wanted a tone like the Gazette (mainly the one from filth in the beauty), and Babymetal. What settings can I use to get a similar tone?

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  • Danny
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    You don't just want a good metal tone (which your amp is as good as any for), but a maxed-out type of metal tone, per those two acts. Settings are a matter of experimenting (with lead/crunch), but there's more. You want to be going into a couple of 12" drivers in a closed cab, drop-tuned (with a string gauge or so heavier), do the usual scooped-mid metal settings, and add some insane distortion pedal for the final death-punch. And the real deep stuff is never the same 'solo as it is when you're doubling tones with a bass player in the room.

    Source(s): Prefers Steve Stills.
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