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How is asking for help on yahoo attention seeking when there’s no other way for someone to get help?

I can’t even afford a therapist and I literally can’t communicate with anyone other than online.

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    You have a valid question because some people are literally unable to see a therapist. There are self-help methods that many people benefit from, although these methods are not meant to replace the standard treatments. I ask that you reconsider what you say about communication, because this might make all the difference in the world for you. Also, if you did some research you might find that it's better than you think. Call your local social services (211?) and ask about this. Google "affordable psychotherapy." For different reasons, the cost of therapy can vary a lot.

    You don't say exactly what your problem is. I've answered a lot of mental health questions, with advice from experts about various problems. You can click on my name and read.

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    You can go to the search field, then type what you need.

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    Self pity is attention seeking.

    Whining is attention seeking.

    Making threats and acting out is attention seeking.

    Constantly wailing is attention seeking.

    However, asking succinct questions regarding resources to help yourself is not.

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