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My credit score is 702. How can I raise it?


Uhh. Actually I’m 35, work as a Purchasing Manager, and I’ve bought every car I’ve owned outright with cash. Not sure what that has to do with credit...

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    Don't apply for new credit accounts.  Pay your existing accounts in full and on time.  

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    Don't bother.  702 is good enough.

    But to answer your question, by doing nothing.  It's a common misconception that you have to do something to raise a score.  Doing something to raise a score will more likely lower it.  Scores normally go up on their own unless you do something that makes them go down.

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    That's a pretty good score.  It depends on what debt you have. Options would include paying off a loan or paying down any credit card debt, making more frequent, larger, and on-time payments, and getting a credit card to increase your limit. Read the articles at the links below.

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    There is not a shortage of websites giving you tips.  What you need to do depends on why your score is where it is.

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  • Barry
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    Why bother? Credit is a slippery slope anyway. Save up to buy what you want. That way you will save money and lead a contented life.

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