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Is my brother a war hero just cause he served in Iraq?

My brother was born in 1984. As soon as he got his high school diploma he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He became a Marine 2 days after my 10th birthday,on sept 23rd,2003. He got deployed to Iraq in february of 2004. He stayed in the Marine Corps till about 2007 or 08. To my parents and many other people in our community he's a war hero. He's a good guy,I mean it's not one of those people who has ptsd or something but to me he's just Sean...the same guy I played hide and seek with. We play playstation sometimes,I mean he's an ordinary guy so it surprises me when people refer to him as a war hero. I mean I love him and everything but is he really a war hero? He didn't do anything particularly heroic. I might add that he has earned a purple heart


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    If he earned a Purple Heart, that qualifies as a war hero. He served his country. He risked his life to defend the rest of us and that deserves respect. I agree with the people who say it’s an illegal war that never should have happened in the first place. But that’s on our federal government. The men and women who left their families and risked their lives to serve their country still deserve our respect. They didn’t start the war. Whether your brother is a war hero or not, it’s only right to respect his service. 

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      No, he's not, unless there were special circumstances related to being awarded the medal.  

      I have a cousin who was in the Vietnam War.  He was a hospital orderly & injured in his leg by shrapnel from a Viet Cong mortar attack.  He was given the same Purple Heart.  Even he wonders why.  He points out that he did nothing at all that was heroic.  He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Should he get a medal & be called "hero" if he fell on the stairs at a brothel & broke his leg?  

      Gov'ts hand out medals like candy.  It's mostly done so the guy doesn't feel like a complete sucker.  From his perspective, if the medal helps him pick up some bimbo in a bar, then so much the better.  However, he's not a hero, only an enabler.             

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    sounds like he is

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    he is, if he got a purple heart.

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    Iraq was an illegal war and a million Iraqis died it is now a bomb crater covered in terrorists and destroyed cities this is the voice of humanity like a Jew in a concentration camp a slave on a boat , i am British my grandad fought in WW1 my dad in WW2  i am from a fighting family so i am no coward but killing innocents i would not do today 

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