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Is it easier to run outdoors in colder weather?

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    Generally, yes. 

    There is less thermal stress, and you don't sweat as much. The extra cooling allows you to run a little faster.

    The down side is that there may be snow or ice on your route.  

    Edit: A major concern is risk of hypothermia. If you wear too much clothing, you can sweat a lot. If your clothes don't breath and are not moisture wicking, that can leave your skin wet. That can be dangerous if you turn into the wind, or face other circumstances with lower wind chill. 

    Comment: I've run in temperature of minus 23 degrees F. I don't remember what the wind chill was, but I was bundled up.

  • bill
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    2 months ago

    Cold air holds more oxygen so yes.

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    Temperatures on either extreme can be a challenge. Too hot is certainly not easy for runners, but neither is brutally cold. 

    The app actually shows the weather conditioners for runners, you may want to consider using that. 

    I tend to prefer cooler weather rather than hotter weather but its a personal preference.

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    2 months ago

    Easier than what or where?


    I live in the Florida panhandle, where it gets very hot and humid during the Summer. Many runners here prefer running outdoors in the Fall - Spring here, as the temps are much more comfortable. We don't get very cold here though, but 50°s and 60°s F are more comfortable than high 80°s and above.  I certainly have no desire to run in truly cold weather. 

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    It is much easier to cool down

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    2 months ago

    Up to a point.

    When it gets PRETTY cold (as memory serves: about forty degrees or lower)

    there is a tendency to lacerate something internal (your lungs, I believe) by (heavily) breathing in the cold air.

    Indeed: when the air drops to such temperatures and you are running, it's very normal to taste blood with every exhalation.

    (Ran cross country in high school, Erie Pennsylvania, we had to run with snow on the ground on occasion.)

    This is NOT a pleasant experience.

    However: running in slightly warmer temps is great, because your body does not get as "hot" as it does when running in warmer temperatures.

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