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Why do my neighbors LOVE violent dogs? ?

Pit bulls are everywhere in my neighborhood. On each side of us is two neighbors that has pit bulls and other violent dogs such as a Doberman pincher or a mastiff.

I don’t ever see a neighbor with just an ordinary dog?

Our houses are separated by a chain link fence. Each houses backyard is boxed by a chain link fence. 

When I have to go near the fence to mow or something like that the dog is angrily growling, barking and hopping up and down that side of the fence and trying to dig underneath the fence. The dog manages to put his paws on the top of the fence and barks viciously. 

Sometimes I would go out to my car and the dog would charge through our yard to my car and I would quickly shut the door.

The neighbors are possibly druggies. Drugs are really big in my neighborhood for some strange reason just about every neighbor is on something. 

I even have random people coming to

My house asking for any medicine that I had available on me, he didn’t want it for rightful purposes but for something to get high on. I refuse and they move on. 

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    sounds like you are in a bad area, maybe move.........

  • 1 month ago

    A lot of people with mean dogs are cowards trying to look tough. 

  • 1 month ago

    Some of this is because the owners are insecure with themselves & need a ego builder.  Little men with big dogs just tickle the sshit out of me.  Pit bulls are very unpredictable & can snap at any moment & someone gets hurt.  But that hasn't happened yet or you would have said something about it.

    You have to remember that dogs are very territorial & will bark & carry on as long as there is anything in their visual territory.  Dogs bark, that is what they do.  They don't make sounds like horses, cows, cats, goats, dogs bark & you are in its visual territory.  Only natural for dogs to do this.  You cannot stop it, it is something you have to accept cause you cannot stop a dog from being territorial.

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    1 month ago

    Sounds like a horrible area To live in.

    Have you considered moving?

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