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Should I replace blend door actuators?

2007 Jaguar XK

A/C blows cold but warm sometimes according to this older man. I start up car turn on air it’s blowing cold. I don’t notice any symptoms of a failing blend door, but he wants them replaced. The work is extensive and no space, and I don’t want to waste time on a bad diagnosis. Blend doors are clearly working 


Yes I switched from heat to cold a couple times and the temperature changed accordingly. Here in Vegas it can get so hot the a/c won’t always get that cold but it has cooled down since then. I think it’s possible that the old man is experiencing hot flashes lol

Update 2:

Update: & Yes I’m doing everything the old man says! Enjoying the cash too. & all I got to do is type on the internet and get a free assumed diagnosis? Jealous?

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    If you always do what an older man says, I'll be right over.

    But in this case, this guy sounds like he's sees a sucker and is gonna take you for all he can.

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    1 month ago

    If you have to come to Yahoo Answers to ask you're not a competent technician. FAIL. 

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