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Are other countries more racist than the US?

Since racism comes only from white people, I would think that the higher the percentage of white people in the country’s population, the worse the racism is.  Finland, Estonia, etc. must be the most racist countries in the world; or are white people in the US worse than white people elsewhere, so racism in the US would still be worse than elsewhere?

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    First of all, only a small percentage of Africans who were taken in slaves hundreds of years ago came to the United States - estimates are about twelve percent.  Second, a world survey was taken which indicated that America and Canada were among the LEAST racist countries in the world.  The worst? Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

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    Ethnic wars and genocide predate the rise to power of the Europeans and hence the USA.

    Please take some time to learn of the atrocities of the Japanese during WWII. These took place because the Japanese felt all other races were inferior to them. Millions of Orientals were murdered by the Japanese.

    The USA tends to actually be less racist. They lump large ethnic groups into a single group.

    But look at England, where a Scotsman is not an Englishman and neither is Irish.

    Consider the intolerance that was in the former nation of Yugoslavia. That was so great that it is now five countries.

    Consider the eviction of the German-Russians from Russia and how they were not allowed to return to Germany.

    Let me give you another example, Vietnam has to the natives at least three races. To an American they are all the same.

    Consider the problems in the Kashmiri or the problems that Iran has between the different tribal groups. Again a US citizen lumps all Arabs together. But to an Iraqi an Iranian is not equal in stature. 

    So I have to argue that because so many different ethnic groups intermingle in the USA at the level of prejudice that we have that the USA is actually less racist then any other nation in the world.

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    Probably not

    What other countries have official government-paperwork asking people to state their so-called race?

    > the higher the percentage of white people in the country’s population, the worse the racism is.

    wrong. In europe, the percentage of coloured people is usually linked to having african/asian colonies or not

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    The US has a long and strong history of racism.  But we've also got a more robust history of tackling race issues than other countries.  A lot of European countries just don't see themselves as racist and so it's been almost taboo to talk about racism in these societies.  France, for instance, apparently doesn't even collect racial data in many official documents making it difficult to track racism and deal with it.  When Megan Markle joined the royal family, some of the headlines in British newspapers, and fairly major ones not some fly by night blog, had headlines which would get you tarred and feathered in the US.  I can't tell you how many editorials I've seen from black Britons saying "Yeah, we understand why she needed to get out of here". 

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    Racism is everywhere, but with whites it is tied to economics. It becomes oppressive. The most racist country in the world is probably China.

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    Racism is world wide like it or not its a human condition 

    A white dog sees a black dog and just sees a dog

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