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Ramadan: Was Aisha ra six years old or seven when she married our beloved prophet pbuh?

In sahih hadith I read mostly that she was six but there’s one verse that says she was seven but I know for sure the marriage was consummated when she was nine whichever the case was

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    consummation of marriage at 9 is mentioned in some history books which is not true .As per my knowledge , she was 12. Here in Indo Pak and Arab and Africa , girls starts periods even at 10 , if health is good so they are fit for marriage . Hazrat Abubakar and his wife prepared Hazrat Aisha for sex in their house . The mother knows more about the majority of her daughter than historians. So , she was adult when her marriage was consummated . History does not reveal all truth .Javed Ghamdi , in his Lecture in Urdu has clarified of her age of marriage and sex in detail . If u know Urdu or Hindi , hear his lecture

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    as many hadeeths ( recorded history sayings) that claim she was that young. there are just as many , by her herself, that claim she was anywhere from 16 to 18.... so for all we know.. she might have been 16 or 18 when she married him.... but for some reason, people seem to ignore those stories.. 

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