When should I start resolving my older questions, now or when I'm good and ready?


She called me a transy or a pan-something or another. That my friend is blocking material.

Update 2:

Correct Skinny Mike 

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  • 1 month ago
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    well, let me just thank you for all the BA/FA's  you generously gave me.........but allow me to say there was no need for a "make up"  BA----

    I like to think of it as simply debating.     Not angry with you......just sharing my side of the story, that's all.    You had your opinions and thoughts, and I listened, and appreciated that.  But didn't quite agree, and wanted to  expand a bit on what the actual problem was.   I would have appreciated BA on THAT question, for all that effort.....to get my point of view across.....but Oh well, ya can't win them all, right? 

    But hey, it was a good discussion, that's all.   Maybe I swayed  you, and maybe I didn't.   To my way of thinking,   NO ONE needs to go there.  I don't care what her reasons  were.   It was out of line, moronic,  and there's just no reason for that.  We don't all have to get along here,  but those kinds of attacks are just cheap troll bullsh*t.  And since you want nothing but laughs and fun here........ then the cheap BS attacks shouldn't be tolerated, right? 

    The remark still stands.  Clearly no one bent over backwards to report it, and get it removed.......so,  what can ya say to that. 

    If ya ALLOW it to stand.........then they'll surely do it again and get away with it.---since no one cares.    That was my point. 

    But hey, we're all here for laughs right???  So, hey, no hard feelings on my end.  It's all good.  Still joking with my friends here, and the trolls with their stupid attacks can go hang themselves. Simple as that .

  • 1 month ago

    I think you already did because I'm just answering the new stuff you posted

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