Do you think that all countries in the world should now sign a treaty      to check and control effectively all epidemics occurring ?

so that they do not become a pandemic like COVID19 threatening the life and living of people  worldwide. 

2 Answers

  • 4 weeks ago

    No.  We do not need global fascism for a disease with a less than .5% mortality rate.

  • After the Spanish Flu pandemic killed off around a fifth of the world's population, they did.  The result is the World Health Organisation.  In one of his temper tantrums, President Idiot reneged on the USA's international obligations and broke the terms of the treaty.  The result has been that the number of people dying, both in the USA and worldwide, has been many thousands more than would otherwise have been.  The man has committed genocide.  You should be hanging him rather than letting him stand for reelection.

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