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Are you guys excited for the PS5?

Most of the games in the demo I've never heard of and some of them look really strange.  Are games getting weirder and weirder or just harder and harder?  I wonder what those weird games are about.  One thing I'm a little disappointed was I didn't see any mech games like Gundam, Robotech, or Armored Core.  I'm glad I skipped the PS4 and decided to get the PS5.  And when PS6 comes out, I think I will skipped that and get the PS7.  Wow, I can't imagine what PS7 graphics would look like.

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    I'm stoked for the PS5 but I'm going to wait till it comes down in price. I'm sure they will have some mech games.

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    I'll be getting the Xbox Series X because Original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles are all backwards compatible on the Xbox Series X running natively on the Xbox Series X hardware using the full power of the CPU, GPU and SSD with no boost mode or down clocking this means that backward compatible titles will look and even play better than they did on the original hardware. This means certain backward compatible games will run at 4k and 120fps as the Xbox Series X hardware can double or even triple the fps of the backward compatible title. On top of all that the Xbox Series X has the capability of adding HDR to backward compatible titles that didn't have HDR support including games from the original Xbox. Additionally all previous accessories from the Xbox One will automatically work on the Xbox Series X. Also in my experience Xbox Live has been far more stable and secure.

    Far as I've seen personally the PlayStation 5 is barely a step-up from the PS4 Pro and only PS4 titles are backwards compatible and don't run natively on the PS5 meaning they won't use the full power of the CPU or GPU and will feature down clocking and boost modes plus PlayStation 4 accessories being usable for the PlayStation 5 is unlikely. Like I said before PSN hasn't exactly been reliable with Sony not even informing users their information was hacked until months later.

    Just going by games I've found Xbox titles have more replay value than PlayStation which are normally one-and-done Naughty Dog narratives.

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