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Will Biden do anything to increase social security disability and provide equal housing to the disabled?

I am on social security disability and have been ordered by the state to live in assisted living.  Do you know how much money I get each month?  $750.  My rent at the assisted living facility is $650, leaving me $100 per month.

  I am forced to eat awful food with very small portions and very little protein.  I am forced to live in a room about 12x12 and I don't even have room to store all my stuff.  Nearly all the staff that work there are felons and some were caught selling drugs to patients living in the facility.

  Obama didn't do sh1t, Trump definately hasn't done sh1t, so my question is will Biden do something about this?


In the UK people on disability get $2000 per month.  What is Biden going to do.  Because I've about given up and I know damn well Trump wont do anything for the disabled ever!

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  • Embery
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    1 month ago

    Biden is on the record saying he wants to cut social security, one of the many reasons he has no chance.

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