Chest pain that spreads to my hand?

(F 23)I’ve been waking up to heart palpitations since last year and Dr said I’m fine just have a id reflux and anxiety. Each time trying to solve my heart pain I was told I’m fine and my heart sounds fine but no ekg was given. I now developed panic disorder believing it’s my brain and have even quit work. Everyday my chest pain weakness nausea comes at some point. Has anyone ever heard of stabbing chest pain that hurts just as bad in their hand? No arm pain just when the chest pain comes on now I also get the same feeling between my pointer finger and thumb left side. I’m severely worried rn and my father refuses to take me to the hospital bc it’s all my anxiety apparently but I’m feeling intense pain. I smoke cigarettes and take BC so yes at risk for heart attacks 


BC-birth control

Update 2:

Acid Reflux*

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    The pain in your hand may be caised by a pinched nerve in your neck or it's psychosomatic and brought on by your anxiety. You do not have a heart condition and the pain is not coming from your heart, it's muscular at worse. Stop smoking and ask your doctor about taking a beta blocker for your palpitations and anxiety. I have PTSD and take the beta blocker propranolol to stop the palpitations and other physical symptoms of anxiety. 

    I get pissedoff when hypochondriacs won't do the simplest things to improve their own health, such as giving up smoking. It's as if they want to get ill so that they can tell their doctor 'I told you so' and then bask in self righteous indignation as they receive the medical attention they believed they deserved all along. 

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