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In the Revelation Apocalypse to St John at Patmos by the throne of Papho has locusts wearing beards and turbans, are they the Islamists?

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    Yes. The locusts represent the Muslim hordes that invaded the Roman Empire. There were three such major invasions. 

    After the empire fell, the Muslims took over... the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

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    You and truth have a problem.

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    No I was 6 in '68 and, after the purple microdot, Daddy showed me how to be a man by growling and roaring and peeing on fences on the other side of Annapolis. Mommy picked us up in the car again and drove us to Uncle Ernst's huge apartment over a storefront. It had multiple staircases on both sides of the three storey apartment and the extra little kitchen where Ernst cut off the woman's nose for being a Royalist, just like Naseby in the English Civil War. Lying on the living room floor, Tante Louisa read me the Revelation and described the room in the sky like an elevator where 23 kings of outer space throw their crowns at Jesus's feet because he purchased the planet with his blood. I had to go upstairs to pee but, on the steps of the staircase, there was a locust with an old man's face. It spoke to me and scared me from getting past it to go upstairs. So I have seen one and, like everything else in the Bible, it's literally true.

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    No, they were wearing red MAGA hats.

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  • That is impossible.

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