When did the U.S decline as a nation?

When did americas standard of living decline..racism..taxes..corrupt police traffic working like a donkey until you expire..9 to 5 smh. Its so sad and pathetic. This isnt life..

Not reffering to the time trump has been in office either because this has happend before his reign and i like him

Im american i moved out of the u.s.a and felt relieved. I bought whatever i needed and wanted and split.im 36 now i do as i please without having to peer over my shoulder in caution that big brother or popo is lurking to scold me ...i blast my music..drink smoke ..happier than ever.

I got a help too. Clearly im only asking opinions..as i have stated mine but i can only speak based on my own experience and ideas.

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    1 month ago
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    Everytime Republicians come into power.

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