Should i get a chest CT scan?

I've had this unusual crackle/pop sound that comes and goes coming from my left lung. You can only really hear it when i exhale forcefully, as if to force the air out of my lungs. I've gone to my PCP, he says its nothing, however, at the time the sound wasn't auditory. I've gone to a cardiologist who did a stress test, spirometer test, running test, and a heart monitor i had to wear for about 4 days. All came back normal, so i went to a pulmonologist, he was able to hear the sound which sounded like a wheeze at the time (sometimes it turns into a wheeze). He did tests on me and said it was allergies and that im allergic to a variety of things like trees and mold. He gave me some allergy meds, however, the symptom has not gone away. Went back to the pulmonologist and said that it should have worked. He was puzzled as he said that he can't hear it with his stethoscope, and my spriometer test came back fine. Anyway, he gave me a steroid inhaler as well antibiotics, and said that if these dont work that he recommends a CT scan. I'm not sure if i should do the CT scan as it's alot of radiation, however, this symptom is still present. My gf is telling me it's just me, and to stop forcefully exhaling to check the symptom all the time cuz it might be making it worst. She says all she hears is a wheeze when i exhale all the way. Like i said, it comes and goes, sometimes it feels like it moves inside my left lung but i cant cough it up. 


This has been going on since the beginning of 2020, the first time i heard it i was simply exhaling normally. This symptom is not accompanied by shortness of breathe, but it still worries me. Is it normal to hear a crackle sometimes when you exhale completely? Could it just be that i'm causing it by always exhaling like this?

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