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All this talk about Ginsburgs legacy...….?

Is her only long term legacy going to be as the justice too stupid to retire in 2014 when she still had the chance to do it under a democratic senate and president?

Because I'm a democrat and I'M saying THAT. She was 81 at the time for God's sake, and we all saw republican control of the senate coming well in advance that midterm cycle. Just how much of a life expectancy did she think she had at that point?

Thankfully, Clarence Thomas seems to be just as stupid, not retiring last year.

But that does little to help us now.

In fact, back in 2018, on Anthony Kennedys legacy, we said: "Kennedy let Trump replace him, THAT's his legacy."

 Ginsburg made the same choice, and then bitched about it on her death bed when it was too late to rectify it.

THAT's her legacy.


Thomas: But in 2014, we ALL expected republicans to win the Senate. THAT is the point in which she made the mistake of not retiring.

2016 is irrelevant. If Hillary had won in 2016, Senate republicans would still have Antonin Scalias seat vacant to this day.

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    I'm sure you were sucked into the belief that Hillary was going to win the Presidency, and RBG had the same belief, I am sure. Even Donald himself thought he was going to lose in 2016. If you want to blame someone, blame the mainstream media who kept saying Hillary had 2016 in the bag. 

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