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I work at a min wage job but cant i expect appreciation?

These ahole managers think that not outright yelling at us and saying cold lifeless fake "thank you"s to us a lot lile they were probably trained to do (aka it doesnt come from the heart) is sufficient meanwhile refusing to give us more hours when we repeatedly ask because we need them to live and criticising us for not acting like we are in kindergarden needing to tell them every time we take a break for a few minutes o whatever else silly rule they come up with that day.

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    If you crave appreciation, try volunteer work on the side.

    At many min wage jobs, there are employees that need more direction, and if they weren't treated that way, would mess up or slack off.  I'm not saying that you're one of  those.  Demonstrate that you're a hard worker and not a complainer, and you will eventually rise, if not in that job, at another one.  Also, increase your skills so that you can qualify for a better job.  That might mean formal trade school or college, but it could also be self-study.

  • 1 month ago

    maybe you should work for someone else

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