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Why is it important for anyone in our society to have knowledge of research methods?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Because the news, politicians' speeches, etc., are constantly full of claims about what "this new study shows" or what "this poll predicts," etc. Unless you want to ignorantly believe all of these claims -- many of which contradict each other -- you have to know (among lots of other stuff) how a valid research experiment or study or poll is conducted, and then you can investigate whether the one you just heard about had any flaws in it, and whether it's worth believing or not. 

    I just now took a poll in which Biden is going to win with 100% of the vote. Of course, I only polled my wife, our daughter, and the cat. Do you think my research methods make this poll valid? Of course not. But for the ones you hear about on the news or from Donald Dump's "press conferences" (lie parties) can be flawed in much more subtle ways. You need to learn about this to protect yourself against scams.

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    1 month ago

    live for the future.  we can live for the future in 2020 2050 2099.

    the past is dead. we need to live for now 2020 and the future in 2020  2050 2099. world in   2050 2099

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    so people know about it

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