Are these sentences correct?

01. My car is at the mechanic and now I have to drive John’s.

      Is John’s car better or worse than yours?

02. Those sunglasses are very expensive.

      They are Charles Prince’s sunglasses.

03. Watch out! It’s dark outside.

      I have a flashlight with stan baton too.

04. I have a few friends that live in L.A.

      I would like to have some friend living there.

05. Was there a dishwasher in the kitchen?

      Yes, but there is anymore.

06. It is better to drink juice than coffee for breakfast.

      I prefer to drink coffee.

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  • John P
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    1 month ago
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    01.   My car is being serviced at the moment, so I'm using John's. Is John's car better or worse than yours?

    02.   Generally ok. Did you mean to say: 'Prince Charles' sunglasses?!

    03  Be careful, it's dark outside!  It's ok, I've got a torch.   

    ('Watch out!' feels old-fashioned to me.)

    (Note: torch - British; flashlight - American)  I have no idea what a stan baton is, so I have not included it.  Certainly nobody in my part of southern England has ever spoken about a 'stan baton', and my spell checker does not recognise 'stan'.

    04   I have a few friends in LA.   I would like to have some friends in LA. 

    (I don't know if Americans generally put full stops [periods] in L.A.) 

    05   Didn't you used to have a dishwasher? Yes, but it broke down and we haven't got one at the moment.

    06   All ok.

    Note that I am middle-class white British. Americans might have different notions.

  • 1 month ago

    they sound okay to me

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