99 Mustang 3.8L ignition coil connector splice to 02 Mustang 3.8L help?

I'm wanting to put a coil meant for a 99 Mustang on my 02 Mustang. I already have the 99 coil and ignition harness connector but I'm unsure of how to wire it. Is the wiring from left to right the same?? Or better yet can someone point me to wiring diagrams for both connectors??

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  • Evil C
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    2 months ago

    It's not often you need to change the harness connector along with the coil pack unless the connector was broken or damaged somehow. But if you indeed need to replace the connector, here's a step by step guide:

    You will need the following tools:

    Wire cutter and wire stripper (most of the time this is available as an inexpensive combination tool)

    Thin gauge rosin core solder

    Soldering gun or soldering iron

    Heat gun or small butane torch

    Shrink tube (these can be purchased as packs of pre cut segments of various colors and sizes, or single size rolls)(Note: I also recommend using self soldering butt connectors. I just didn't list them primarily because they don't appear to be available in any retail stores ust yet. only online).Cut the bad connector off at the wires with the wire cuttersStrip the ends of the wires back with the correct sized wire stripper about 3/8 of an inch and then slide some appropriate sized shrink tube over the wire far back enough (usually at least 6 inches) so that the heat from soldering doesn't cause the tube to shrink prematurely. (Note: the shrink tube diameter should be just large enough to slide over the wire. Shrink tube that is too big will not shrink down enough to grab and seal the wire.)

    Join the stranded ends of the bare metal of the wire together and give them a slight twist so that they hold together during soldering.

    Using a soldering gun or soldering iron, keep them on until the tips get hot enough to melt the solder. Get a small bead of solder on the tips and transfer it to the bare wire strands. Hold the tip of the soldering gun/iron against the wire strands to heat them as well. The solder should flow in between the strands and coat them creating a solid joint. Add more solder as needed, but not too much.

    Allow soldered joint to cool down, then slide the shrink tube over the joint and use either a heat gun or small butane torch to heat the shrink tube, causing it to shrink and seal the joint, thereby completing the repair.

    Repeat for the other wire.

  • 2 months ago

    The ignition coil pack is the same for the 99 and 02 according to the parts book! So it should be a direct plug in.

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