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Where can I get a FREE lawyer to handle a property deed?

I was improperly deeded a property back in 2008.  My dad talked to a lawyer and his advice was just to deed the property back, but he wants $100 to do this.

My Uncle deeded his house over to me for $1 back in 2008 and the transfer says something about subject to a life estate.  Checking the county records, the property says: Doe, John A. & Doe, Jim B., A Life Estate.  John passed away in 2005 leaving Jim the house and Jim deeded me the house in 2008.  Jim received a homestead exemption and payed the remaining taxes due since that time.  Jim went to the nursing home a few months ago, is now in the Alzheimer's unit and will be starting Medicaid in October.  

Upon reviewing the papers, they incorrectly listed my mailing address as PO Box 163, Anytown USA.   No idea how the lawyer got that address but I never lived there.  I think it wasn't properly recorded at the time because I did not receive any papers.  

The lawyer said it was too late to add my name to the record because Medicaid starts in October.  The lawyer wants me to deed the property back for a $100 legal fee in order to avoid any complications.  He said the paperwork was properly filed but my name was never added to the life estate on the county record.  I don't see why I should pay a $100 fee to undo somebody else's mistake.  My only involvement in the matter was receiving what appeared to be a legal document deeding the property to me.

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    I would not take this lawyer's word for it.  If the paperwork was properly filed transferring ownership it may be possible to correct the life estate error by adding your name now.  The life estate would be his right to remain in the house for his lifetime meaning that you do not take possession until he dies although it is your house. 

    Get your own trust and estates lawyer to look over this at your expense.  You can save a lot of money by doing your own retrieval of the documents in the court house so do that first so that you can take him copies.

    You will need to start paying taxes if he is no longer able to do this.  The life estate may require it but if he is in the hospital he may no longer be able to pay.  It would be a pity to lose the house because the taxes went unpaid.

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     Do you work free?

    Cheap people like you come into my workplace and want clothing repaired, free, because they bought it a Goodwill and the seam is coming undone. Not their fault - but honey, it's not mine either.

    By the way, I paid about a lawyer about $1500 to settle my deceased husband's estate. It wasn't my fault my husband died, but I wasn't some cheap bast-rd who expected the lawyer to work for no pay.

    If you think you are owed free service: go to the lawyer who wrote the faulty deed. 

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     You definitely need a lawyer. Not a free lawyer. The lawyer that you pay to look after your best interest. 

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    Your information makes no sense.

    If the house belongs to YOU then YOU would have given Uncle Jim a life estate.

    You didn't do that.  Uncle Jim can't make a life estate for himself.  And even if he could, it would have zero to do with any of this.  A life estate allows someone to live in a property until they move out or they die.  He moved out - the life estate is dead.

    So you are understanding something wrong.

    If you have checked county records and you are the owner of the house - then sell the property or whatever you want to do.

    If medicaid is saying the transaction was fraudulent, the give medicaid the property.

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    In another question, you said that the family wants to sell the house.  Have them pay the $100.  It's relatively little money for them, compared to the amount for which they are selling the house, and it should be worth it to them to make the sale go smoothly.

    A lawyer should not have to work for free to fix someone else's mistake, especially in a situation in which there is a substantial chance of someone suing the lawyer.

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    Spend the $100 to secure the ownership, if it means you will benefit... like own it. If not, let the owner-to-be pay for GETTING the property and the correction.

    FREE and LAWYER are seldon compatible.

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