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Should I discuss this with my manager?

There is a lady that i work with that is spreading a rumor that things aren't going well with my boyfriend and that I'm flirting with the guys at work.When she found out my relationship was going well. She is now saying I flirt with the guys at work so they will help me more.

I texted my boss and he said to not attract attention. Which I felt was unfair because there's a difference between flirting and being nice to people. 

She complains about overtime, mistakes I made 6 months ago, that I get weekends off and that im the favorite and many other things. She wont stop gossiping about me and its starting to hurt. Its also affecting my work.

Should I ask my boss to talk to her?

Im just not sure what to do.

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    What does that have to do with your boss?? If your boyfriend isn't an employee at your job care less about the situation and ignore the chick. The best way to kill hatred and negativity is with kindness and love. That's he say she're adults 

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    How about if YOU talk to her and tell her to knock it off.

    Keep track of what she says and who she says it to. It might be considered harassment. 

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