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Can I renew my Temporary instruction permit online?

I am in Michigan, I need to renew my TIP/Permit, it expired back in 05-03-2020. The virus and closings started up right before that, so I had no way to get an appointment at the time.

 I know extensions were put on everything until September/October, but I also need to get a license plate and registration for my car. I read on the SOS website that you can renew things online, but I am not seeing anything about doing it for a TIP/permit or a license plate and registration.

I can't even get an appointment in till December and January! they are allowing next-day appointments for license/state id renewals, would my permit fall into that, if so can I set up an appointment?

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    Jesus, no wonder you couldn't find the info you need on that website.  Most government websites are hard to navigate, but your state's site might be the most confusing / useless source of information I've ever seen.  What a mess!  Anyway...

    You'll have to call them and ask.  The website doesn't even mention if a learner's permit can be renewed, let alone how to renew it online.  And when you call, you'll probably be bounced around to several department before you find someone who a) speaks English and b) can answer your question.

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