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Do kids who get raped at the age of 4-5 fail in their lives?

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    I was abused as a kid - and betrayed by my mother as she lay naked beside the abuser watching him! It took nearly 20 years for the betrayal to hit home with me, only after I had my own child. I didn't 'fail' per se. I achieved highs at work - but I did have trouble with a 'normal' sex life. I never enjoyed sex as so many seem to. Don't know if it's because I had dud partners who only cared about their own sexual highs or if it was me. One thing I read once, about other people who were abused, that I totally agree with - is that I saw smutty things in the most innocent comments. I totally agree that being abused does take away the childhood innocence that is so vital to mental health. 

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    Well I was raped at age 11, 4 times and again age 12, 7 times I am now 25 and a Physician Assistant so no we don't ALWAYS fail, it is up to that individual! It made me push harder for what I wanted! I do not want kids or a relationship, but that is my preference! 

    Source(s): Rape victim unfortunately
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    There probably are no statistics about that, as "fail in life" is hard to define.

    What I've seen myself is that people who were abused at a young age have a harder time enjoying life than I, and seem more likely to get addictions.

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