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Is my girlfriend too worried about me?

We've been together for two weeks. At work I had a small accident and broke my elbow. When they told her she came right away at my house, saw me with the bandage and was afraid to hug me or touch me. Then she started to look for food and did a mess in the kitchen to make me some warm meal. She cleaned everything and then also vacuumed the floor of the whole apartment and cleaned the dust from my shelves. When she was done cleaning  she laid with me on the couch and let me sit with my healthy arm close to her, while she held my head close to her chest and said 'my poor love, why did it have to happen to you? I love you so much'. What did I do to deserve her? Why don't  most girls care about their boyfriends like she does?

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    Honestly, I think you should just appreciate her for her efforts. I understand at two weeks into a relationship, she is doing more than what other girls would and it may seem quite odd. But, I would say she is displaying love, affection, and care in the simplest and best way she knows how. Be grateful that that's how she is because on the other hand, she could not care, or be someone who is has trouble to express their love and care. If it is too much for you, I would suggest talking to her a little later, maybe wait a few days, and please do so very nicely. She just put in a lot of effort for you, and if it was me being told that what I did wasn't so appreciated, I'd feel quite stupid upset and will try to not do anything like it anymore in the future. 

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    1 month ago

    ;/ these mind games are killing me inside. u were describing what i  would have done scrambling. around. making mess in kitchen..... 

    alot of girls are like that . but with depression it can be more vulnerable to damage.

    but most guys are like that too.

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