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When hunting, which of the following is easiest and hardest to hunt? ?

Deer, Turkey, rabbit, squirrel, birds

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  • Kenny
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    1 month ago
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    For me birds, squirrel, rabbit, deer and then turkey is the hardest . Hunting and being successful are two different things .

  • John
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    4 weeks ago

    Hunting is a combination of skills, right environment, and luck.

    Scenario #1  Deer hunting.  Assume you know what you are doing.  It's fall season.  Just before sunrise.  In a game-rich area.  It's going to be a clear, brisk day.  In a deer stand.  No deer.

    Scenario #2 Deer hunting.  Some hunting skills, but LESS than scenario #1.  Fall season.  Early afternoon.  Deer population below average.  Cool but cloudy with rain soon.  You've decided to quit for the day, walking back to your vehicle, and you catch a deer off-guard just long enough to get off a shot.

    That's the way it SOMETIMES works.

  • Robin
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    1 month ago

    Deer are the easiest 

  • 1 month ago

    Like everything else in life - 'how hard' all depends on your training, skills, and experience.

    Deer.  When I started hunting deer I was a skilled competition shooter with no outdoor skills.  I could not sneak up on one to save my life. I am still not that great. But I can hit one at 300 yards all day long.  My wife laser ranged my last deer - 615yds.  That said - 'deer' - they are not all alike!  White tail require patience and great outdoor skills - Sitka deer in Alaska are an easy pistol shot.

    Turkey - definitely need to have someone with experience literally take you under their wing.

    Rabbit and squirrel - harder with a 22, easy with a 410 shotgun.

    Birds - comes in too many species.  Woodlands are easy pickings on the ground with a 22.  Upland and Migratory - need experience, skills with a long reach shotgun, someone to show you the ropes.

    You want to become a hunter?  Get a decent dslr camera - not your freaking cell phone - and go take pictures in the off season.  The skills you learn to find animals and get close enough for a great picture - exact same skills and experience you need for hunting. The big upside of the camera - you can do it the 40+ weeks a year when deer is closed and the weather is nice!

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