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How to react to my mom's new boyfriend?

Mom is addicted to having sex with him and spends no time with me. I feel sad.


She was once a traditional Asian mom, now she is obsessed with her boyfriend. She says dirty things in front of me. I am 19 by the way.

Update 2:

Will try. I will plan and tell when I succeed. 

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    You can always try sabotaging them. But it might require a physical brawn between you and the boyfriend. If you ever watched the movie called baby boy, the son was a mommas boy and didn't like any other man interfering with that. The man she brought home moved in their house. The son didnt like him one bit. As the stepfather provoked the problem one night, the son shoved him. The stepdad punched him in the face and kicked him to the ground. But the son won after all. Because after he got beat up, the mother kicked the man out of the house for beating up her son. It wasnt a pleasant way. But it worked. Maybe do something to make your moms boyfriend to assault you. Then she might stop seeing him. If you aren't afraid to take a beating first 

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    I am so, so, sorry for you that your mom has no respect for you.     Let her know that she is showing no respect for you and you would appreciate it if she would not say dirty things in front of you and not have sex in the home.   

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    I would be honest with her. Tell her how it makes you uncomfortable and everything. If she doesn’t care at that point then maybe you should consider moving out. I’m 18 and plan to move out soon due to my own personal reasons. As soon as my family found out I wanted to move out their whole vibe changed, maybe it could work for you too.

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