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I have schitzoaffective disorder?

I don't know what to do I constantly feel like dying. They keep making me take my medicine. It makes me gain weight. I have gained a lot of weight.  I sleep more than I used to. They've adjusted it like six times. I don't like doctors. No one in my family believes I have this disorder, but me..and the doctors who think they know me, but they don't. I feel worthless like I can't focus and do anything. I want to die even on the medicine. I'm tired of people looking down on me like I'm some kind of liar.


Sparrow: they think I'm just a lazy girl. My step mom thinks so. They think I'm lying about my disorder. How am I ever supposed to get better. Or be a responsible adult. I'm already 26. My real mother has the same disorder. I don't care for how she acts. So having the same illness as her makes me feel bad about myself.

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    Good treatment of drug addiction

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    psychiatrists are basically fake 'doctors' who are little more than whores for Big Pharma and who arbitrarily diagnose people with disorders for which no scientific medical tests even exist just so they can put down a diagnostic code and get paid by your insurance company. Not only do anti-depressants, if that's what you're on, make you fat by ruining your glucose metabolism and altering insulin sensitivity so you crave carbohydrates as well as disrupt hormones such as ghrelin  which inform your brain when you've eaten enough food, but they also cause other SIGNIFICANT damage to your brain, neurotransmitters and hormones and can actually MAKE you suicidal which is listed in the fine print on the warnings about many of these drugs. They can also push you from depression into hypomania or mania and cause you to be given another destructive diagnosis, this time "bipolar disorder" which may result in one of these criminals known as psychiatrists putting you on a drug like lithium carbonate for example, which will DESTROY your life. Take my word for it. Psychiatrists are people totally lacking in spirituality who look at everybody who walks into their offices as "defective" and not worthy of life or happiness, subhuman if you will,  even though they themselves are spiritually deformed people who will  not think twice about destroying your life with the neurotoxic, lobotomizing drugs they tell you you need to take for the rest of your life. The Nazis also killed outright many people labeled with mental illness during the Third Reich and many modern psychiatrists have the same opinion of those who walk into their offices. That their lives are worthless and expendable. Unless maybe they find you sexually attractive in which case they may be more hesitant to totally destroy your body with their drugs .Maybe your mind, but not your body, let's say. Their modus operandi is to give you a diagnosis that will scare you and make you feel worthless and desperate for their services so that they can succeed in their agenda of keeping you returning to their offices for relatively  brief but lucrative prescription refill consultations after they brainwash you into thinking you are so hopeless and damaged that you will not possibly ever be able to be an acceptable member of society unless you continue taking the neurotoxic poisons manufactured by Big Pharma for the rest of your life. Do you really want to know why you feel hopeless, desperate and suicidal? Because THEY have set themselves up as false authority figures ...they want you to look up to them in awe as godlike figures, which isn't hard for them since the majority of them are atheistic anyway... and they have succeeded in convincing you through fear primarily, that  they know you better than you do and there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with you that can ONLY be corrected with neurotoxic substances in capsule form. These individuals take advantage of those who are in spiritual crises in their lives, or financial or personal or whatever, and know they can manipulate you easily because you are in such a needy and vulnerable state. They are like child molesters or anybody else who takes advantage of the most vulnerable members of society. True predators, they are. These psychiatrists are the destroyers of spiritually and creativity that exist in every human being. There are truly VERY evil individuals. You need people around you who make you feel GOOD about yourself, not the negative doomsayers with their ample bank accounts and prescription pads who will make you feel you don't have a right to exist in society unless they allow you to. Stay away from them and ESPECIALLY their pharmaceutical poisons. Your body and mind are capable of healing themselves if given time and compassion. You don't need to be further traumatized by the psychiatrists and their poisons. You need time, space and compassion to heal.

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    I understand. I have the same disease. Some people will accept you for who you are, others will not. I think of suicide as the brain trying to form an escape, but failing to do results in suicidal ideation. Give your self time. Inquire in the nature of what you want to change about yourself. There are solutions you just may have not thought of them yet. It takes time to heal so give it time. It takes care to get to the best you you can be I also gained weight on the meds I am on. Exercise is a virtue.:)

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    1 month ago

    I have schizophrenia and when first put on meds I slept over 12 hours a day and felt tired all the time. I put on 75 lbs. It's been 2 years and I'm now feeling better. Don't sleep as much and have energy to do stuff. Weight is still there though.

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  • Robert
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    1 month ago

    And so you came here to tell more people about the disorders you don't want people to judge.  You might be better off keeping it a secret between you and your doctor.  

  • 1 month ago

    Keep in mind, the goal of the doctors is to improve you. Surely, that must count for something. You didn't say why people think you are a liar. What do they think you are lying about? 

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