What are your favorites live metal/hard rock albums of the 70's?

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    1 month ago
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    "Made in Japan" - Deep Purple

    "Live at Leeds" - The Who

    "Live and Dangerous" - Thin Lizzy

    "Unleashed in the East" - Judas Priest

    "Cheap Trick at Budokan" - Cheap Trick

    "If You Want Blood You've Got It" - AC/DC

    "Live ! Bootleg" - Aerosmith

    "All The World's a Stage" - Rush

    "Alive!" - Kiss

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    I don't like music before the 2000s except for a few like The Sound of Silence, Hey Jude, Woman Is The N*gger Of The World.

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    It's tricky, in the 70s the lines between what was and was not "hard rock" were kinda blurred. The 70s had a lot of "progressive rock" bands, and some of them were quite hard at times, like King Crimson and Yes, and even 70s Queen.

    I am tempted to just list Led Zeppelin albums. Instead I will list just one, Presence, probably their most metal album. Geezer Butler, bass player for Black Sabbath, said that Zeppelin was an inspiration for them, and the most metal thing at the time before they came along.

    Speaking of Sabbath, I will include Master Of Reality on the list.

    Deep Purple HAS to be there. And the logical album to choose is Machine Head... Highway Star, metal AF.

    I want to include Motorhead. I want to include Ace of Spades... but that album was 1980, and then we get into the debate over whether 1980 was technically the last year of the 70s... so forget that. They did "Overkill" in 1979, and that is a kick-*** Motorhead album. I think Ace of Spades was even better, but was it a 70s album?

    My last pick is good old AC/DC. Let there Be Rock, I think that's their best 70s album.

    So the final list (I'm not sure why I felt it necessary to limit it to 5 albums), best metal/hard rock albums of the 70s, in chronological order, is:

    Master of Reality (Black Sabbath, 1971)

    Machine Head (Deep Purple, 1972)

    Presence (Led Zeppelin, 1976)

    Let There Be Rock (AC/DC, 1977)

    Overkill (Motorhead, 1979)

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