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Educate me?

I seen people ask and people get rude on here but i’d like to know. Anyways Idk if I have anxiety because my grandma and her sisters have it, the back of my neck or the back of my head get sore and I get headaches, my head feels like it’s moving on it’s own or it’s forcing itself to move when I sit down and people say they have similar problems and plus I have ACID REFLUX. I always want to sleep, but I’m worried because I read about schizophrenia and so when I was worrying so much about it, I always mistake actual sounds and think it’s fake but I listen and ease my mind I made myself think like “oh there’s a noise” because I was reading so much about it. I wear glasses and the other day I kept thinking and thought I seen someone and then I seen something in the side of my eye. Btw I wear glasses, I got over it last month but again this month I thought about it again and made myself think about the noise thing and the things I seen. Can someone help? I really would appreciate it, I’m a teen and wanna be normal somehow. Thanks, don’t be rude it literally will make me worry even more. 


Not to mention i’ve been kinda lacking on school bc of how worried I am

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