What's the law in colorado concerning renting with no contract? ?

I'm looking for insight into colorado law/tenant rights for someone who rents a room in a house but has never had a written contract. 

The landlord regularly enters the room of the paying tenant, while they are at work or traveling. The tenant has always paid on time, kept their space clean and has gone above beyond in other areas when it comes to roommate responsibilities. 

What are the laws in colorado surrounding this issue? Can the owner of the house legally just enter the room of a paying tenant without notice/ when they are not home? 

Again, there is no written lease and the verbal agreement can be boiled down to... Pay rent on time and be a good tennant. 



The owner/landlord of the house also lives on the property. The tenant rents a room in the house. The tenant has proof that the landlord is going into the tenants room while they are away or at work. 

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    1 month ago

    First how do you know they are entering your room?

    How long have you been renting there?

    You technically a tenant/renter "at will", meaning you have some rights but not the same as someone who signed a lease.  I believe they still have to give you written notice, but how much notice i am not sure.  You need to look up renters rights for your state.

    ***Then the tenant needs to send a letter to the landlord, not a text, stating that they are required to give notice needing to enter their room and for what reason, after you find out what they are entitled to enter for for your state.  Usually it is ONLY for an emergency.  Tell the tenant to replace the door knob with one that will lock with a key from the outside, provided they can do so without damaging the door.

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    No contract does not mean no rules. The landlord and tenant both are still required to follow the landlord tenant laws for CO. 

    Notice to enter laws do not change when there is no contract.  I do not know the notice to ener laws for CO. Be advised that some states do not have a required notice to enter but the law does still state they have to have a valid reason.  In most states the landlord must serve a written notice to enter. 24 hrs is most common but some stats have other laws. Google the landlord tenant laws for CO to see what your statue says for notice to enter. 

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    they have a contract, a verbal month to month contract....in most states laws are similar as for someone who rents an entire apartment.

    not all states require notice, most still require an appropriate reason to enter (reasonable inspection, repair).

    i can't find the site I used to use that said about 1/3rd states don't require notice....it is hard to find specific info on room renters for most states.

  • 1 month ago

    The LL/tenant laws do not change if there is no contract.  No, LL cannot enter without notice.  

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