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Why are some people so stingy with money for literally no reason, such as millionaires who won't even go out to eat?

My uncle is worth over $10 million dollars and still has the attitude that he is broke. What's the point in working 60 hours a week as a CEO and never even enjoying the fruits of your labor? He hasn't taken a vacation in decades because it's "too expensive" He eats ramen noodles every night because he doesn't like to spend more than $5 on a meal. Sure you can save money that way, but is that really enjoying your only life on planet Earth? Slaving away at a job only to end of slaving away to save it all? You can't take it with you when you die. He's 70 years old and still working 10 hours a day 6 days a week, and living like a peasant. He still uses a flip phone because he thinks iPhone's are too expensive and drives a car from 1997 still. (23 year old car). He never got married because he said women are too expensive. He nickels and dimes everything and throws a fit to my family if they stay in a hotel other than days inn on vacation. (cheap hotel that costs like $60 a night). He threatened to fly home on our vacation because they wanted to stay at the Ritz Carleton because he said he'd go bankrupt if he stayed the night there


This is the first vacation he took in over 20 years and he said it was too expensive and wanted to leave and throw a fit and pouted in the car for 3 hours

Update 2:

Previously, he has also threatened to abandon my mom because she purchased a new car for herself and started a physical fight with her over her buying a Honda Civic because "it's a waste of money"

Update 3:

He also avoids going to the doctor when he's sick because he claims co-pays are too expensive.

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    All their life has to do with money.

    They always want more.

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    Some people take it way too far in the direction of frugality to the point of having a shitty apartment when they make $9,000/month. Agreed, you can and should appreciate the fruits of your labor to some degree. But the exact opposite problem exists. Some people make $800/month and spend $300 every Friday night partying and $15 every day on work lunch alone. At the end of the decade, one of those people is far more likely to end up putting another $1 million dollars in the bank vs going another $100,000 in debt. And the guy with the cool, fresh million dollar bill knows he didn't get it by spending $30 every night on dinner and drinks or $5000 for 2 nights in Fiji just because. He got it by reusing dollar store coffee grounds 5 times. It's hard to buy a $7 Starbucks milkshake everyday when your previous coffee and other habits are the only reason you're not sucking ***** for crack now.

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    The love of money is a curse and it sounds like he is slave.  But anyway its his life and money. 

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