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The outgoing US Ambassador to China has denounced Beijing's initial handling of the coronavirus, worldwide pandemic."  -----Your thoughts?

saying that "what could have been contained in Wuhan ended up becoming a worldwide pandemic."

Speaking to CNN in Beijing on Friday, Terry Branstad, a former longtime Iowa governor, agreed with President Donald Trump that China was to blame for the pandemic, adding that the "Chinese system was such that they covered it up and even penalized the doctors who pointed it out at the beginning."


Unbelievably  China regime dont  have any guilty conscience about it,  let alone  apologize  for that . 

Instead ,domestically  China dictator xi  touts what he claimed amazingly successful  handling of the virus as  justification  for  Communist dictatorship forever  in china,  and  as a responsible power internationally .However  no one except dictator xi (its regime) knows the exact number of virus cases and deaths  in china , because the communist regime has not the gut to face truth.

Update 2:

Unacceptably  China regime  continuously  suggests  that  the virus maybe originated in  America,  UK , Italia ,  Spanish ,  Japan,  and  so  on , which  clearly   tries  to shift blame away from itself  but to others.  

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    It’s still unclear where it started in China, and how... this is what seems murky about how China dealt with it.

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    Yep. So? Water under the bridge. Now, lets all buy masks made in China.

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