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when watering new fescue seed, is it better to water at night or water in the morning? why?

I am confused why some people say they water at night because it allows the seeds to soak up water good before the day time and that the day time is for it to breathe and dry out some and then Scotts lawn co. says that you should water 2 x per day, once in the early morning and then again mid- day to afternoon. why the difference in opinion about this?

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    2 months ago

    seeds go through cycles of absorbing water and then breathing and absorbing sunlight. so it is a good idea to follow along with this cycle. at night, let the seeds soak up the water, and then when a.m. comes, let the seeds dry out some and absorb sunlight and breathe. The reason that Scotts might say otherwise probably has to do with making more money by having to buy more seed or schucks, i can't think of any other reason. maybe by avoiding responsibility in case seeds don't germinate.

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