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Why do men only want me for sex?

It seems like a lot of them only want me for that and once they get what they want, they move onto someone else.


Thank you for your advice, I may just take a break from dating for awhile

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    The mistake you are making (I've been there!), is that you give in to them.. so, stop giving in..  men want sex, and will keep asking for it so it is up to us women to start saying 'no, I don't want you using my body for your own pleasure, when you are not committed to ME." 

    Our society has stopped listening to God, and look what we have become.. STD's are on the rise.. Women having unplanned pregnancies, that they have to deal with alone, in many cases. 84% of abortions are done by single women.. all because we don't listen to God, who says to wait until marriage to have sex.. But it doesn't matter what others do, you can decide for yourself not to be used by men who don't love and respect you. Honestly, telling them outright that you are not into that, is going to get rid of a lot of guys.. then start praying for God to send you the RIGHT one.. God blesses every area of our life that we give to Him..I just want to add this - as a teen/young adult, I gave in a lot.. I was convinced that it is what I needed to do to keep a boyfriend. It hurt my self esteem a lot - I felt used and cheap. I look back on that with a lot of regret - I wish I had valued and respected myself more.. 

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    You give them sex not love

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