Do you have tons of personal possessions? Do you shop compulsively?

I am a 34 year old man .Over the years I feel as if I have had hundreds and thousands of personal belongings. Miscellaneous items. But mostly clothing, home decorations, personal care items, and grocery store food.

I've thrown out and donated what feels like hundreds of belongings over the years...yet still I have an abundance of personal possessions.

Are you the same way?

I usually shop compulsively . I'm in a store . I browse, five or six different things catch my eye. Before I know it, l have a Shopping Cart full of stuff and several shopping bags .

1 Answer

  • 3 months ago

    I never garage sale shop

    I never brouse and look for anything in stores

    I have a list of what i need and stick to the list.

    Everything has a home in my house and if i plan to buy something it has to have a spot in my  home.

    Ive done the same thing as you brouse, buy, store, stack, sale, donate, give...a million different items.

    Finally older and wiser no nick nacs, no buying just to buy, i have just what i need, i use it. The house it cleaner with less clutter and im happier not dusting it. 

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