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How long did you wait to enjoy a beverage after recovering from Covid?

Hey Guys,

I wanted to do a quick poll for those who’ve recovered and consumed alcohol. I’ve seen a couple posts across the Internet from folks who have recovered then relapsed with their symptoms after alcohol consumption. I’m not a heavy drinker (might have 2 beers 2-3x a week). I tested positive last Sunday with a pretty mild case. Only symptoms were loss of taste/smell and congestion. No fever or trouble breathing etc.. As of today I have no congestion and taste/smell are probably at 75%. I’m not feeling rushed to get back to drinking at all (probably won’t for a while..) I just really don’t want to do it too early and lose my taste/smell again. I’m just curious for those of you who recovered on here how long you waited to enjoy a beverage and if you had any issues when you did? Thanks in advance.

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  • Since the overwhelming majority of the people have never had covid-19 you're going to have a hard time getting people to answer this. LMAO

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