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Birth Control ?

So I’m considering birth control to help with my mood however I’m not sure if it’s due to the effects of lockdown of if it’s due to my menstrual cycle.

In January 2020 I had symptoms of post menstrual syndrome and after my period I would feel extremely depressed and have dark thoughts, in January it was only one day and then after each month it was around 5. In April-June I didn’t experience this at all and I assumed it all went away.

In July I had to take the morning after pill (idk if that’s relevant). And during my period I felt no desire to eat and I skipped meals. Because of that I had a panic attack and I felt really out of it for about a week. In august I felt no desire to eat on my period but I kind of made myself do eat. And during my period I was completely fine. During ovulation I began worrying and felt really anxious and had a panic attack when meeting friends. I also felt really out of it and found it difficult to focus, daydream and it felt like my emotions had been turned off. 

On September 1st-6th on my period I had extremely bad anxiety and I had a panic attack when meeting friends. The week beginning 7th I felt really out of it and not real at times. Week beginning 14th (ovulation) I’ve been feeling more real, but it feels like my emotions have been turned off and I can’t daydream well. However I’ve done all my homework the day it was set and I’m not stressed about anything. My only worry is that this is going to get worse. 


I’ve noticed August and September ovulation I’ve felt really weird with no emotions and I can’t daydream or visualise anything.

So I’m just wondering if this is an effect of lockdown or some PMDD or some mental health issue and whether going on the pill will improve it.

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