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How did chantelle die? (Eastenders) UK ?

I seen she had been pushed on the dishwasher by Gray but how did it kill her? Was the impact or was it maybe internal bleeding, or was it maybe glass plate that broke and stabbed her? It was so sad to watch 

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    She landed on a glass shard that stabbed into her back. That's why she couldn't move, her weight was on the shard and so moving would be too painful.

    It cut her up inside so that she bled to death inside without the blood coming out.

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    I think it had to do with what was in the dishwasher - and her landing on it.   Knives?  Or something else sharp.    I'd suspect an autopsy will tell exactly what it was that killed her.   Gray is making it look like a pure accident - who will work out what really must have happened!!    Even if we all knew her death was coming, it was still pretty shocking when it happened.   Frustrating as it was to watch (RUN girl) I guess it was the kids that stopped her from running out ages ago.

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    She broke her spine most likely. Once that's snapped, you're on your road out if not helped fast. That **** Gray was walking about to shops intentionally to make her suffer laying there but also it was to give him self an alibi for to be witnessed outside at this time. The more she was left like that, the high the death rate. He knew he didn't have long so he tryna frame chantelle doing it to herself. 

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