A name of barely known RTS game?

Recently, my brain reminded me of some RTS game which i cannot remember name of. It was not very popular from what i remember. You were playing as god and you were supposed to build villages and you also had to survive through disasters. I remember that last disaster was Plague, and also Hurricane was there or something... you even had a satellite building that was predicting when one of them was coming. If i remember correctly, you had to gather most importantly stone and wood. The last thing i remember was the graphics... it reminded me heavily of Warcraft 2. Does anybody know how it was called?


 PS : Its not Black & White, mind you.

1 Answer

  • which platform which year?...

    wild guess i'll say  one of the settlers games,  but really i obviously need more info..B/W the original is an all time classic, as much as C&C  and Dune

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