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Evil Ex girlfriend, I'm not sure if she gave me an std?

she lied to me for a year while she was cheating on me, lie after lie and i bought every one of then. i became an alcoholic that year and still am, i plan on stopping tomorrow for good, i have family staying with me and i don't want them to see me like i am. i could go deeper into this, at the pure evil i was with, but i won't. Her best friend had herpes and she hated me even more then my ex, i'm afraid she  gave me something, she made ,me drinks etc, and now i have white spots on my you know what, i'm getting paranoid as fck and i'm gonna pay to get tested. I don't want to know if you think i got it or not, but please  some words of encouragement, thank you

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    Forget about her. Someone like that is beneath you. Just be glad you have that trash out of your life. Now you can make a new start without that weight around your neck. Just focus on yourself, ignore women. Improve yourself bit by bit, do small things you can maintain over a long period. For example, tell yourself your not going to have a thing you like until you finish some chore. Get some regular exercise, even brisk walking is ok. Focus on improving bit by bit, and eventually decent people will be drawn to you.

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