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Do you think this is rude of her?!?

So I have a very codependent roommate. She literally can never be by herself for a long period of time. It’s so irritating. We are in our second year of college and we were roommates as freshman but I am 4 hours away from home and I think she only picked me to room with because she didn’t want to live by herself even though she literally lives only an hour away and goes home almost every weekend. She has a boyfriend who in early college ( yes in high school ) so ofc he’s needy and comes to see her all the time and he spends the night in our apartment at least once a week. I know I have no right to be mad but it’s honestly kind of annoying because he’s here all the time!! I pay half the rent just like she does and I honestly feel like if the tables were flipped , she would be pissed at me. I already feel like she uses our apartment as a crash house to invite her boyfriend over and stuff which is fine but I like my privacy and I feel like he takes advantage of that too. Like I said, she lives an hour away so she has all these advantages but do you think this is fair?

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    Look at your lease, it probably has specific rules about how often you can have overnight guests. If he is still a minor, he may not be allowed to stay over at all. You should also talk to her about limiting his visits to specific days/hours so you know when you will have privacy or space for your own guests.

    Otherwise, it's time to make plans to find a new roommate or live alone when your lease is up. Knowing this will all end soon and you don't need anything from her will make it easier to tolerate her and stand up for yourself.

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