Why do some food taste unbearable without salt?

Sometimes I’ve noticed that certain food is painful to eat without adding a little salt. Isn’t salt supposed to be like sugar (in additive sense) ? I mean, I drink coffee regardless of whether or not it has sugar in it.. if my roomate makes me coffee with sugar, I just drink it. But when I make myself a coffee I usually don’t add sugar because I feel that coffee is much better without sugar (it could be just me) But on the other hand, some food (fish for example) is painful to eat without salt in it. Why is salt so necessary? I’m trying to go low carb low salt and low sugar on my diet. (I’m not  diabetic or hypertensive) I’m 24 years old and am completely healthy (as far as I know) does anybody have a good explanation for why salt could be necessary for certain food? Does it have something to do with the chemistry of food itself? 

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  • 1 month ago

    May very well just be what you are used to eating (salt). There are people who fire generation, always ate fish, beef, pork, wild game, without salt. Onions, garlic, herbs, but no salt, mostly because they did not have any or they had grown up not using it.

    Why not try some of the many no salt seasoning instead? Head to a bulk foods section of a grocery store or seasonings shop, and get some samples of different seasoning combinations, before buying larger amounts. 

  • k w
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    1 month ago

    Table salt is unbalanced, and harsh to the taste, Himalayan Pink is delicious salt, the only kind to have...

    look up himalayan pink @ the meadow dot com and see all the varied element in the salt, it's what us people needed all along NOT table salt, I use it all the time, the best tasting salt ever AND sugar should be avoided, hard to do I know. But search for the 'sugar blues' on 'quantumbalancing' dot com and read the article, you'll never view sugar in the same light !

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