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How to make a washer seem broken without breaking it? ?

I know this isn't okay lmao. but I moved into my husband's house after we got married. He has an old ugly washer and dryer set. We have been remodeling and it looks awesome expect for those ugly things. I have a brand new set that is just sitting in the garage. He insists on just using these ones until they break. How do I make a washer seem broken without breaking it? I don't want to break a perfectly good washer..but I really want ones that look good and would look so much better were they go. They also have draws and everything. Yes I have tried so hard to just convince him to switch it out. He's also not very handy so he would just move those ones out and mine in..but like I said I don't want to break something like that for something so stupid. So I just need to figure out how to make them look broken until they get moved out. Lmao


Lmao we don't need marriage counseling 😂. He's just stubborn and needs a push. If our only problem which it is, is a washer and dryer. I will totally take it. I want to donate it someone who could use it which is why I don't want to break it and just use mine. No reason to have one just sitting there. I also plan to tell him once there both switched out. 

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    Contact paper?

    Check out tile stickers.

    please understand, he does not see a reason to get rid of HIS washer and dryer.  No man likes a woman coming in and changing things in his house. 

    I dated a guy for 13 years. We both have and maintained our own homes and have no need to get married. I was doing some home remodeling when he invited me to come live with him. His habit was to eat out often, very seldom doing any cooking at home. Howsoever, I enjoy doing so and he loves my cooking. I asked him if I could rearrange his kitchen to be efficient to cook in. He said yes, so I moved the cooking utensils in the drawer next to the stove. I moved the plastic wrap and tin foil and zip lock bags from a bottom shelf across the kitchen to a drawer in the island, where food is prepped. I moved tupperware out of the liquor cabinet into the island cabinet.. You know, I arranged a working kitchen.

    Well, he was angry the whole time I was there. NOT worth all that tension. The way he saw it, it was not broken so it needed no fixing.  Yeah, but HE did not do the cooking, I did.

    Trust me...keep things as they are, for now.

    Howsoever, there are ways to pursuede him to get what you want. How about you suggest cleaning out and organizing the garage, ignoring the white elephants (your washer and dryer) in the garage. Once everything is nice and organized, perhaps one of you would like to park in the, the washer and dryer are in the way. Besides, you wanted to paint the laundry room, right ;) ?

    Also, donating his washer and dryer to Big Brothers and Sisters could benefit in a tax break for the donation. 

    You gotta get creative and make it more of his idea. LOL

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    1 month ago

    You are lacking in brain cells?.  Who the F cares what you have in the laundry room?   That is why I have a living room. Laundry and bathroom are places I avoid as much as possible.  Considering the looks of the washer is usually a white metal box(they have only made that style since the '60's) colors may vary from white to almond to light yellow there has not been any change in the machine. Same story for the dryer. Mine are both 70's machines and will go for another 70 years.  Machines are rugged and long lasting.  It is hard to destroy them unless you toss in a live grenade.  The new machines will last 5 years at best...with regular use.

    They were built to FAIL PREMATURELY.

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    good work , a female who just got married wanting to spend money on a washing machine thats too ugly , good luck but think a washing machine is a washing machine . .. Females get married to spend your money . best way to get a new washing machine is dont give him sex , works wonders ..

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    Why don't you simply call a charity you want to donate them to, and ask if they will come pick them up?  It takes about 10 minutes to hook up a washer and dryer if you've got the connections already. YOU could even do it. Ask a neighbor or friend to help you move them in. Then screw the hoses to the back and put the vent on the dryer, and plug them in. When he gets home, just tell the truth--you donated them. You hooked up the washer and dryer yourself. And you will make him something nice for dinner.  

    (NOTE: Google how to hook them up. You will need to make sure the hose connections are tight. And you will need to vent the dryer outside with your existing venting setup.)  

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  • Tom
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    1 month ago

    Cut the power cords

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Take one of your least favorite shirts or slacks, shred them a bit and rub some dark grease on them. Tell him the washer is ruining your clothes. Once the washer is replaced, take the front or back off the dryer and cut the belt that drives the drum. (very small belt a pair of pruning shears should do it). 

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    This is a marriage problem you need to work out. Lying never works well. You could point out that yours are better and may not work if they sit unused too long.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    you would have to take a panel off and disconnect something, make sure its unplugged first so you don’t zap yourself

    or maybe marriage counseling, IDK

  • Cammie
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    1 month ago

    Hire some one to install the new one . Donate the old one.

  • 1 month ago

    Unplug them or trip the fuse for that line.

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