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How do I move towards independence?

I feel my parents never taught me a damn thing 

about anything I'm super-pissed at them, I'm 

never going to become independent on my own. 

a) How does one, pick a proper job or career?

b) How do I learn how to pay bills, taxes, budgeting? 

c) Do I need a car? Even Honda-Accords cost $500/month?

d) How do I rent an apartment, and monitor my credit?

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    Depending upon your age, you can talk to other adults whom you know might have your best interests and ask some the questions you feel your parents have not given you the answers to.  Parents grew up in a time that was very different from today.  It is possible they do not know the answers you may be looking for.  Extended family members, like cousins, older siblings, school counselors and even medical professionals might be able to give you some information to help you get directed in a positive direction.  You will get there, but it takes time and often some horrible mistakes until one is convinced.  Best wishes to you.

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