WIFI problems?

I am having WIFI issues with my internet. So supposedly my internet works good and everything because when I check on my xfinity app where it shows the connectivity, it is fine. I did all the unplug and restart router method too. I even called xfinity support and they said that when they checked the internet, it is working but the problem maybe the router. I have a netgear router in replace of the one xfinity offers. Anyways xfinity support told me that I should call netgear support for the solution. So I called netgear support, they see the problem and can fix it. Supposedly they said since a lot of devices were connected to my WIFI it caused a traffic jam in the router (I have a few family members sharing the network). Since my warranty of support had expire for the netgear router, there is a fee from $50-125 to fix the problem. Since my internet works the problem is the router. The router shows its lights and works but why does this cause a problem? I'm paying for internet I am not using. I am on a tight budget and would like to see if any of you 'technicians' out there know why and how to fix this solution or recommendations. 


Oh yeah I forgot that I cannot find my network for my WIFI on any of my devices. Internet works but I cannot find my network. 

Update 2:

Thanks for some of the replies. Even though none of you guys answered the solution to my problem, I found out that there is a button on my router that hides the network in case of potential hackers.. It was turned on making my network hidden. Thanks to netgear support, it took a few tries to fix because they were asking me to pay them a big fee to fix a simple problem. Eventually one guy figured it out and told me to click that hidden network button to undo the problem. I must of press it before

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  • 1 month ago

    Netgear support told you the problem was overloading of the WiFi by having too many devices using it simultaneously.

    NOTHING can be done about that except to reduce the number of other users connecting to your router.

    If YOU pay the bills for the broadband internet connection then YOU need to cut down the number of other family members using YOUR internet service.  Tell them that they need to pay for their own service and not scrounge on yours.

  • 1 month ago

    Sounds very strange:you have several devices connected to internet  and you can not find your network. Where are your devices are connected then?

  • 1 month ago

    maybe you should talk to your internet service provider about it

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