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Please help?

Human populations living in cities would never be sustainable if they were isolated from their surrounding ecosystems. Explain this statement.

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    There is inherent relationship between our ecosystems and human beings, significantly those living in cities.Ecosystems in cities are being ruthlessly  made less natural as it used to be.It is harmful to both human beings and nature too.In county sides in certain countries, ecosystems are in somewhat balanced state.The people there enjoy the freshness of clean air, water, trees and other parts.It is the primary responsibility of city people to be respectful to ecosystems, they can plant more trees in their city areas in order to bringing nature closer to them.

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    Yes, this is quite true. And human populations would be in horse and buggies without cities and basic human services based on a monetary system. The density of people in cities prevents each person from being self-sustainable. It even prevents the group from surviving without bringing in food, electricity, water, and toilet paper for that matter. That doesn't mean that rural is better. This is something you are supposed to write about. But I gave you a couple of ideas.

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