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how did you get your work experience?

No one hired me because I got no experience

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    Start small and work your way up.  By small I mean menial low paying no-expertise required jobs like mowing yard, hauling trash, washing cars, etc.  Then while on those jobs look around to see what some of your co-workers are doing and get them to train you in those jobs that might require more skills or expertise.  When you feel you're ready go to the boss and ask to be moved into that more skilled job.

    Now look around and see what your co-workers are doing in even a more skilled position.  Repeat.....

    EX:  My dad took the only job he could as a secretary during the Great Depression of 1929.  While he was typing letters for bosses and doing filing, he would go over to the drafting room and get the draftsmen there to teach him how to draw plans and such.  After some time, he sought and got a transfer to drafting, a better paying more skilled job.

    Then he began to intrude on the engineering and new products department.  There he used what he learned by drawing plans for new products to learn the engineering skills through OJT that most get from college.  A few more years and he got transferred to marketing in the new products division.  And he looked make a long story short, he started as a secretary and ended up with a certified engineer status in Ohio as head of a five state marketing region for a major oil company.  And he never graduated from HS.

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    by applying to entry level jobs, like fast food. my first job was at Subway, they accepted me even though i had zero experience and I started on minimum wage

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    My first ever job was mcdonald's. One of the best things about them is they will hire anyone. 

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    my teacher help me got a job at kfc i worked there for almost 2 years got laid off now id been getting social security each month i miss working there 

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    They trained me at my job. I'm training to be an electrician and they hired me with no experience except for a previous delivery driver job. Find the right company and they will accept you with no experience. Be prepared to work hard to catch up to people who do have experience

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